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Even if your message is boring, you have to bring it in an entertaining way!

We can't ignore what Covid has done to us, to our friends, colleagues, companies, … we thought it was a passing faze, but reality tells us that 'the fat lady hasn't sing yet'!

CEO's, corporate leaders and even managers of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are well aware that if they want to keep their business flourishing they will have to take action. Nobody can wait for the 'storm' to blow over. So we see that more and more companies are choosing to communicate virtually. At this moment, the only one way to stay connected with your customers, your co-workers, partners … is a virtual event instead of a physical Kick-off, sales meeting, reception, …. !

Some of you may still be a bit hesitant about the virtual alternatives of events. My advice: snap out of it. You will be more than pleased with the outcome.

Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Keep your virtual event short and sweet

Your employees have been sitting in front of their screens all day.

2. Avoid Powerpoints. A series of numbers do not motivate.

3. Bring positive messages with a high dose of optimistic energy about the growth opportunities of your company.

4. Keep it interactive from the beginning, that increases the attention of the viewers.

5. Make sure you are well prepared.

This is my approach of an ideal opportunity to (re)connect employees with the 'home-office' and the business objectives.

Ok, let’s do it!

Not sure how to tackle the challenge? Discover our Virtual Town Hall Concept based on 3 steps

My concept of a virtual event is a totally new style of educational communication where middle managers / team leaders / customers / … bring their striking 'success stories' 'live on screen'.

This interactive virtual event works as a lever and the participants leave the room feeling:

'I know I can do it and I will do it!'

Step 1: Preliminary event phase

To involve the participants as much as possible, they can put 'their own stamp' on the event by doing some small assignments. We ask them to send a nice picture/selfie/cartoon/message/... that shows their pride and commitment to your company. All the entries will of course be shown during meeting.

Step 2: The event

I let people speak about their 'why' they feel engaged.

Respond to the pride of the team members.

I interview management and employees, so the participants know what the real challenges are.

Between the messages, I let the participants ask questions. Also directly to the CEO (and we certainly do not avoid difficult topics).

The interaction during the virtual event, spiced with my cartoons, the necessary humour and authenticity keep the participants alert and entertained.

Step 3: After event phase

What you wanted to communicate doesn't have to end at the end of the virtual event. You keep your target audience motivated with the pictures / videos / cartoons from the session on intranet/community or a nice print to hang in the cafeteria, meeting room, ...

Now it’s up to you!

Is this the sign you were looking for?

If you want to discuss with me how we can set up your virtual event, please don't hesitate to call me: +32 (0)9 282 65 78 or +32 (0)475/406 911

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