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with Bob Delbecque

A unique video series with company energizer Bob Delbecque.  With his eStep he drives from one topic to another in the heart of the European capital Brussels.   He touches on various topics: on customer centricity, employer engagement, enthusiasm, the art of living and what happiness means.

STEP BY STEP by Bob Delbecque
STEP BY STEP by Bob Delbecque

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STEP BY STEP by Bob Delbecque
STEP BY STEP by Bob Delbecque

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STEP BY STEP by Bob Delbecque
STEP BY STEP by Bob Delbecque

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Wat betekent geluk eigenlijk?   Heeft dat voor iedereen dezelfde betekenis?   Kun je geluk beïnvloeden?   Bob Delbecque geeft op zijn gekende gedreven manier zijn visie over 'geluk hebben'.

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If everything is under control, you're not going fast enough.  Si tout est sous contrôle, vous n'allez pas assez vite. Avez-vous également remarqué qu'il y a des personnes qui obtiennent succès sur succès sans effort, et d'autre part, il y a des personnes qui ont juste le sentiment qu'elles doivent faire beaucoup mais n'obtiennent pas grand chose, ou du moins ne sont pas satisfaites de leurs résultats ?   C'est une question d'approche, de regard sur la vie et de façon de l'aborder.

Episode 02  UN ART DE VIVRE

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If you as an employer want to remain attractive to your current employees and be attractive to attract new people, the right company culture plays a key role in developing a strong employer brand.   It is a strategy and above all a conviction to fully appreciate, value your fellow employees. And sometimes even a simple "well-done" or "bravo" can do wonders to keep your employees happy.  As long as it's sincere and involved. 

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Episode 04  OPTIMISM

Optimism, who doesn't like to walk through life with this attitude?  What does optimism mean?  And how do you fill it out?  And do you always have to be optimistic? 

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Not the digital transformation as such or the digitizing 'next level'. The whole challenge is to make your customer a partner for life! Customer centricity full speed ahead.


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"Misschien moeten wij in het leven meer kakelen"Bob is een gedreven ondernemer, een welbespraakte keynotespreker maar zeker geen kip zonder kop als hij zijn verhaal doet. En dat doet hij ook nog eens heel "ENTHOUSIAST".  


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"Est-ce que la réalité détermine votre façon de penser ou est-ce votre façon de penser qui détermine la réalité?"  Cela semble être une question existentielle lourde, mais Bob Delbecque la rend claire et facile à digérer.

Episode 07  L'AVENIR ET VOUS

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Are we in a crisis or are we in "your" crisis?

Stop talking about a crisis.  Think in terms of chances.

Of real opportunities.  I tell you why, in a Chinese way...  .


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Uncertainty is part of our life.  Shift your focus and reconnect with yourself.

Use these techniques to make uncertainty certain...  .


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Episode 10  A NEW DEAL

Look out for the so called possible trouble shooters in your company because they are the accelerators of your business.  Bring them together. Listen to them. And give them support. You will be amazed how much value you will see in their disruptive ideas.