A one-hour smashing conference where Bob confronts the audience with their willingness to change.

Bob talks about change and transformation, team work, customer solutions and for every topic he gives you the key to discover the opportunities in every crisis.

This Conference wants to inspire you to be an architect of your life rather than a spectator.

If you think of the crisis as if it were an illness, you put your fate in the hands of others.

Understand that you will only be able to overcome 'your' crisis the moment you start feeling co-responsible for it.




A one-hour disruptive thought provoking conference where Bob explains the five steps to focus on the most precious thing in life, your attitude-machine! 

It’s all about how you feel, how you act and how you react.

Do you want your team to be determined and not afraid?

Do you want to build bridges instead of walls?

Bring the team back together in distancing times?

You and you alone are the master of your thoughts and it's your creativity combined with effective teamwork that will get you through difficult times.

In this new conference based on his third book Make a New Deal, Bob confronts your teams to enforce resilience to build a new prosperous future.


Don't be a person who's looking for success,

be the person who creates value!



Bob is a walking contradiction. You can hardly be more serious and meticulous when preparing a performance, but at the same time more playful during that performance. Bob crawls in and under the skin of his audience, the best place to confront them with their challenges and to encourage them to meet those challenges.

L’humour, la dérision et un peu de folie au service de messages forts, pertinents et modernes. Un ton respectueux, profondément humain mais bousculant. Bob est un vent de fraîcheur dans le monde de l’entreprise!

Bob is unique, never came across such a high energy individual. His impact is phenomenal on the crowd he is addressing. In these times of depression, he is the best Anti-Depressant I could think of.

J'ai été 'scotché' d'entendre Bob nous parler avec tant de détails sur nos métiers et nos préoccupations!

Je slaagt er steeds in het beste uit de mensen te halen en ze op een sympathieke en tegelijk doeltreffende manier samen te doen werken!

Alles wurde erwartet, nur nicht, dass ein "Betriebsnarr" mit Karnevalsmusik einmarschiert und uns dann auch noch dazu auffordert, Komfortzonen zu verlassen und den Kunden in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen.


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