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1.    Be the first to say ‘HELLO’ and SMILE!

2.    Introduce yourself to others in a surprising way!

3.    Your ‘look’ and your presentation together with your sense of humor will make

the difference!

4.    Make an effort to remember people’s names. Everybody likes to hear his name!

5.    Show others that you are really listening by restating their comments in another way!

6.    Show interest and be amazed in what people say! 

7.    Communicate enthusiasm and excitement about things and life in general to others that you meet.

8.    Be ready to tell others something interesting or challenging about what you do!

9.    Tell other people about the important events in your life, don't wait for them to draw

        you out.

10.   Use a smile and direct eye contact as your first greeting with a person!

11.   Remember to greet people that you see regularly!

12.   Seek common interests, goals and experiences with the people you meet!

13.   Go out of your way to try to meet new people wherever you are!

14.   Accept a person's right to be an individual and have different ideas and beliefs!

15.   Be yourself; everyone else is already taken!

16. Never talk about politics or relegion!

17.   When you see people in a restaurant who wave at you, stand up and go say hello!

18.   Be aware of open and closed body language!    

19.   Let others play the expert!                                                                               

20.   Ask others about things they have told you in previous conversations!

21.   Listen carefully for free information!   

22.   Surprise your prospects and clients by sending them a 'Happy Birthday' card!          

23.   Offer your client a service he doesn't expect!

24. Encourage others to talk to you by sending out positive signals!   

25.   Every day your company is elected by your customers! So, how 'attractive' is your


26.   Think 'outside in' instead of 'inside out' and bring your customer into your company!

27.   Do you only have a product-relation with your client or are you building a 'personal /

long lasting relation'?   

28.   Take risks! Don't anticipate rejection!          

29.   Always search for the things that really get another excited!

30.   Don't sell! HELP people!      

31.   Look for the positive in those you meet!

32.   Compliment others about what they are wearing, doing or saying.

33.   Be willing to express your feelings, opinions and emotions to others.

34.   Speak about a variety of topics and subjects!                                                    

35.   Use 'I' when you speak about your feelings and personal things!

36.   Show others visually that you are enjoying your conversation with them.

37. Use your sense of humor : humor brings people together!

38. Start every conversation with 'HOW ARE YOU’ and stop talking about yourself!

39. Don’t sell, help!

40.   Prepare ahead of time for each social or business function!

41.   Practice so that you can tell others what you do in a few short sentences.

42.   When you tell a story, present the main point first, and add the supporting details


43.   Display your sense of humor!

44.   Make an effort to help people if you can!

45.   Keep up to date in current events and issues that affect all of our lives!

46.   Include everyone in your group in a conversation whenever possible!

47.   Start and end your conversation with a person's name and a handshake of warm


48.   Make an effort to see and talk to people you enjoy and have fun with!

49.   Find ways to keep in touch with friends, family and customers!

50.   Call your best clients even if you're not selling!

51.   Always be stronger than live!

to be continued ...


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