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Want to learn more about the craft of storytelling and how to connect with your audience?

There was a time...

Storytelling has long been a powerful form of inspiration. It is how knowledge and information were passed on through generations. A story has a tendency to ‘stay with you’ while broad information tends to fly by. Your audience will therefore be more ready to listen and remember what you wanted to say if you master the art of converting your message into a story.


Even when your content is boring you have to bring it in an entertaining way!

But how exactly do you do that? Changing your text into a narrative? Most people are clueless as to where to start. You could even feel a little overwhelmed by it. Bob puts you at ease better than anyone, so don't be concerned. He'll walk you through tips and methods step-by-step so you can discover how to improve your impact on your audience.

During this course, Bob mentors you as you learn how to give a ‘performance’. He will teach you how to get to people's hearts by having you tell a story that you’ve never told before, where you dare to talk about yourself, your passion for your business, and how your clients bring out the best in you, etc.

He will help you realize the storytelling's power. Businesses seek a ‘tone of voice’ that appeals to their target market. By delivering a compelling story, you can evoke strong emotional connections between you, the brand and your customers.

Bob is a 'master storyteller' himself. He quickly establishes a zone of assurance where he practically drags each participant along while assisting them in overcoming their doubts.

You'll feel more confident, and you’ll even want to ‘stand in front of the class’!



The Masterclass runs over 2 days.


Bob spends a lot of time on preparation and arranges preliminary interviews with each participant.

To ensure full collaboration and optimal interaction, we limit participants to 10 per session. During the first day, Bob teaches you tips and tricks how to connect with your audience, how to use body language, gestures, intonation of your voice, eye contact, ...

Participants work in groups of 2, 'learning by doing'.  Bob constantly challenges you and creates a climate of trust where each participant makes his 'performance' in front of the class. Each participant will have to make a video of his performance  at home. Bob analyzes each video and will share his comments and suggestions during the 2nd day both in 'one to one' and in plenary. 


The training is held in the company.

You'll all feel encouraged and even more engaged if you share this experience with your coworkers.


NOTE that Masterclass can also be done individually.


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“We were reluctant to make a video of ourselves and our performance at home, but afterwards this turned out to be a very instructive experience: Bob's tips and tricks really work! Interactive, playful and yet serious!”

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