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XL = ‘Extra Large’, so think BIG!!!

First historical meeting for the breakbulk industry in the Expo in Antwerp.

The breakbulk industry is called a conservative industry although more and more initiatives are taken to evolve to an ‘open transparent customer-oriented and digitalized-oriented industry’.

Erwin Hoefkens, CCO NxtPort : “NxtPort being a data sharing platform facilitating the provisioning of increased efficiencies/visibility we see us collaborating with Break Bulk community players making use of our data sharing services rather than competing with any of them! – Let’s create the future together with all the drivers of change!”

Roy van Eijsden, Director WSP : “The challenge is also to talk about the human component. Within the breakbulk industry and especially the project cargo sector, the challenge is to combine technology and the human component to a significant level!”

Nataliya Maiseyenka, Transportation Manager Caterpillar : “The collaborative attitude is key. Thanks to a digitalized environment we will increase the efficiency, have a better risk management and first of all meet the need of our customers in the breakbulk industry!”

Organised by Easyfairs, Divisional Director Mark Rimmer had one word for Bob’s performance: ‘BRILLIANT’!

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