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How Eco-Positivity will help you deal with today’s challenges.

For our 5th edition we invited Babette Porcelyn (MD ThinkBigActNow),  Cathy Pieters (Director Cocoa Life Program Mondelez Int) and Dirk Van de Put via video-message (CEO Mondelez Int) to explain their visions and actions.

“Babette introduced us to the world of chain-analytics and opened up our eyes to what really has an impact.”

“Both Dirk Van De Put and Cathy Pieters brought us a real-life case of such hidden-impact initiative with results that count.”

“Bravo for this brilliant initiative. Location: Quartier Papier in Zaventem was perfect. We appreciate the efforts they made to keep the event absolutely corona proof.”

The fever screening at the entrance, social distancing,  and the correct attitude contributed to a secure feeling for everyone.

This CEO-only meeting was the first real top event in Belgium since corona.

Thank you for sticking out your neck!

Dare to be great!

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