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80 CFO’s were invited by Deloitte at the magnificent venue : Lacs de L’eau d’Heure (Charleroi).

“High level, very well organized meeting where we had the unique opportunity to meet our peers and exchange current topics. Pretty disturbing and incredible energizing dining conference by Bob, the court jester of industry!”

Being a number cruncher in the past, today the CFO “moet vanachter zijn buro komen”, has to get from behind his desk, has to be a business leader, more than ever a people and customer oriented entrepreneur, ‘un déclencheur de changement’, ‘un transformateur d’entreprise’. The best antidote not to fall back in your comfort zone is to have this curious attitude in your way of life.

Data is the new gold but you as CFO has to ‘translate’ facts & figures into market agile information so that your peers in the management team together with the CEO can take the right decisions!

Miss & Mister CFO, challenge your CEO and your peers because your customers are the real bosses!

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