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The Belgian Association of Healthcare Managers (BVZD / ABDH) organised this 3 day ‘Innovation Healthcare strategies’ meeting in the Ghelamco Arena in Gent where more than 400 Hospital Managers from all over Europe joined.

A few elements form Bob’s speech.

“You all are the drivers of change!”

“The interaction between the patient and the GP will dramatically change. The GP will become a ‘health coach’!”

“Fall in love with your patient because the patient is empowered and is definitely in the driver’s seat. He becomes a client!”

“Healthcare outcomes is the only thing that matters to patients!”

“Build bridges with the industry, the start ups and the technology because they need us and we need them to innovate our industry!”

“Be nice with people, be tough with figures!”

“People may forget what you said,

people may forget what you did,

but people will never forget the way you made them feel!”

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