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The role of every manager is about to change : a CFO for example has to leave his desk to talk with customers in order to bring market relevant information to his management committee.

A salesman has to become a customer success manager. This means that a manager has to bring the customer inside the company. Therefore he should identify the different talents of men and women in his own organisation just to think outside in instead of inside out and to co-create solutions for the customer. That brings me to my point : how strong is your resilience today? How strong is your attitude-machine? How do you look and react to things? Stability is a state of mind and mindset is a choice. Stability is something you have to create for yourself being aware that you have to be ready at any moment and any circumstance to embrace change and I prefer to say : "Be the change you wish to see in the world!"

Success is not a matter of money or fame, it’s a matter of progress! So celebrate your victories, even small ones!

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