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In the middle of the financial crisis a lawyer from Shanghai taught me [Jow wéédjie Djojo djie gwéé] in perfect Chinese mandarin it means when the crisis comes to an end your chance already began. And that is the whole difference between the European and the Oriental way of thinking, because when you look for the word crisis in the Chinese dictionary you’ll find the words danger, lucky break, opportunity and chance.

So that means when you look at both words you see we have the 2 components in the 2 words. So crisis means chance! I want to inspire you to be more a participant in life than a spectator.

Today many people talk about the crisis in the business, crisis in the relationship. However if you talk about crisis as if it were a contemporary illness you can be sure of one thing : you’ll be a victim of it. With a victim mentality you perpetuate your crisis and you put invariably your faith in the hands of others.

So understand that you will only be able to overcome a crisis the moment you feel co-responsible for it. So on the pitch and NOT in front of the TV!

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