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A baby laughs an average of 100 times a day while an adult laughs an average of 4 times a day. So, what the hell happened at school?

I'm sure you now have a glowing smile on your face, ready to listen to my message on optimism.

What is optimism? Is optimism just a layer of varnish? Something superficial? Something you have or not? You know how people are : "well Bob you are lucky because you are born an optimist!"

In my opinion it's not a matter of luck, you are an optimist because you have a fundamental positive attitude towards life.

Don't get me wrong, it's not because you are an optimist that you're not allowed from time to time to be a pessimist. Faced to a problem, I'm sure you will analyse the 'pros' and the 'cons' but afterwards your positive attitude will get the upper hand and push you to a positive action.

How can you develop optimism?

Optimism inspires.

Optimism energizes and makes you feel better.

Life is a gift so look at the beautiful things in life!

TIP : Think In Possibilities.

Choose to be an optimistic person, it simply feels better.

Voltaire wrote : 'J'ai décidé d'être heureux car c'est tout simplement meilleur pour la santé!'

And finally I'm lucky because my blood type is BE POSITIVE!

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