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Frank Dendas, Bob, Joyce van Nielen en Dennis Hooftman

Management wants to involve employees more closely in the growth of the company and explain them organizational policies and the plans and goals that come with them.

That's what a Town Hall Meeting is all about. A meeting intended for everyone in the organization, in which the management reports on policy matters and employees are given plenty of opportunity to ask questions to the managers.

You can call it a Town Hall Meeting, a Kick-off, a congress … what's in a name. Physical, hybrid or digital.

The most important is that you create a bond between the employees and the company. Give them the possibility for discussion between employees and management, which will have an impact on employee engagement.

Go for quality

The task of a professional moderator is to involve the public in the discussion and to manage the meeting. Qualified technicians / studio will ensure the perfect streaming and will see to it that the questions the participants can ask are collected. Keep it short and to the point (max 1h).

Create rumour before the event

By announcing the event well in advance, it can hardly escape any employee. It is good to report that both the presence and feedback of the employees is more than welcome to make the meeting a success. In addition, employees can already be asked to anonymously put questions and/or feedback about the business operations.

Energizing start

The moderator starts the event with a high energy ice breaker, giving feedback on the interviews he did with team members prior to the event.

Q&A with the CEO

It's now time for interaction. Instead of having the manager reading slides it's the moderator who asks him about the facts and figures, the manager takes the opportunity to rephrase the 'WHY' (Why are we doing what we do). In the meantime the questions are collected (shown on screen) and the moderator fires the questions to the manager. All questions! No exceptions.

Bring humor and authenticity and if you can't give an answer to a question … say why.


The moderator ends with a power talk.

- Why do we need women and men who think differently

- Be a 'bridge builder' between silo's, departments even countries

- What to do to win your customer's heart

- Make of your customer a partner for life

- Be stronger than your excuses

With a last word from the CEO and some untreated questions we have come to an end.

Congratulate your team members

Don't forget to congratulate your team members for the effort they've made, their collaboration and interactive participation.

The goal is to bring peace and trust in the cy and create (new) perspectives.

Frank Dendas, Country Manager Philips Belgium Commercial organised successfully such a Town Hall Meeting for his team.

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