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I always take the opportunity to talk to students because they confront me with fresh and disruptive insights. During the ‘Trends in Events’ congress at Vives, a lot of (inter)national experts talked about the NEW trends and the changing business models. More then ever you have to ask yourself ‘what is my target’, ‘what would be an unique experience for my audience’, ‘how can the audience interact with each other’, ‘what should be the outcome’, ‘with what state of mind you want your audience to leave the event’. And the most important question nowadays is ‘what is next’, ‘the aftersales; how can I build a community to create a long lasting effect’. Een zeer leergierige groep studenten met een echte ‘can-do mentaliteit’! What really struck me during the preparation, the congress itself and the ‘meet up’ afterwards is that they ‘CARE’ about events. Watch out!! Vives means talent and opportunities!!

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