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It’s not because you organise an international gathering that you will automatically have a ‘positive mindset’, a willingness to ‘play the game’ and – as I call it – ‘a mayonnaise’! In order to bring not only the necessary fun, but also content, Bob takes the time to personally talk to the CEO and other colleague managers to understand the strategy and to perfectly prepare the exact messages that management wants to get across. Interviews with e.g. country directors about their perceptions / their concerns and expectations really gets him to talk the voice of the company. With his famous well-prepared ‘red chair acts’ Bob really gets that ‘mayo’ : people laugh and think about the disfunctions, the cultural differences and the company’s main challenges. The audience is positively surprised by Bob’s ‘flamboyant’ approach, his verbosity but especially the content he delivers. During the seminar your team members will express themselves about the WHY – WHAT – HOW (Simon Sinek), how they improve the process and the procedures and how they are capable to respond to the sense of urgency.

Bob’s topics are tailor-made:

- Transition – ‘you have to change before you have to!’

- The new leadership style 2.0 – more humble, more empathic and more motivating.

- Make of your customer a partner for life!

- Thanks to my team I achieve success stories!

The most important added value of every convention should be :




And most important : PROUD TO BE PART OF THE COMPANY

“Sie haben sich sehr mit unserem Unternehmen vertraut gemacht. Das war hochprofessionell und hat viel Erstaunen - auch in unserer Mitarbeiterschaft - hervorgerufen. Die Botschaften sind angekommen und werden diskutiert, Bob und sein roter Stuhl bleiben in Erinnerung.„ “Bob délivre une énergie incroyable et tout ça en jonglant sur 5 langues à la fois!“

“We were totally flabbergasted by the way you knew the ‘ins & outs’ of our company and the way you know people by name! Great performance Bob!”

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