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2 years since the first lock down! Everyone thought that after the first wave everything would turn to normal. Big mistake! The second wave came, the third, … how many more?

You don't need a crystal ball to know that you can't just sit there and do nothing!

You as manager have to switch quickly to stay 'in the game', to keep your business healthy and growing. One thing is sure: you can't do it by yourself. You need your teams.

Your teams need to know what your vision is, how you see the new developments in your business strategy. They need to hear what you expect from them, and that together you can turn things around. Extreme agility is very important. Don't wait any longer, bring your teams together and organise a meeting / kick-off. TEAM UP TO WIN! Physical or streaming will only depend on the health situation!

Here's where I can help with my experience and professionalism as host, interviewer and energy coach. No boring event with numbers and PowerPoints, but an interactive 'talk show'. We leave the floor to the team members so they can pass the messages from proper experience. Let a customer share his relationship / what does he think of your service? Involve your audience, let them send the questions that need clarity. You, mister Manager, be clear about your goals and how you will shape the future together with your teams.

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